VSI Crusher

It is applied in sand quarry, mixing station, dry mortar, quartz sand, construction waste crushing industries, station to provide quality sand aggregate for highway, railway, construction, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction and concrete mixing.


  • Processing a large quantity of uniform size
  • The vulnerability of low energy consumption and long service life
  • Easy operation, convenient maintenance
  • Advanced technology of energy saving and environmental protection


The core components are selected well-known international brands (using high precision class TIMKEN brand), to ensure that the system low failure rate; equipment, low working noise, unique air circulation system, greatly reduced the efflux air, dust, environmental protection.

VSI sand making machine using selective fragmentation and cleavage of advanced crushing principle, applied directly to the material enough kinetic energy, and the kinetic energy is converted to overcome the broken materials required by the impact. The material basic along its natural texture surface, cleavage fracture, grain shape, its consumption is low. Convert the machine can implement "stone dozen stone" and "hot stone" two principles.